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Angstron’s NGPs are especially suited to applications for automotive components including fuel systems and those that require electrostatic spray painting (ESP). Because Angstron’s NGP-resin systems allow two-dimensional platelets to slide over one another, low resistance to shear flow is made possible even at a relatively high NGP proportion. This feature allows easy application of structural adhesives and more convenient melt processing of polymer nanocomposites containing a high NGP loading.

Electrically-conductive additives, such as Angstron’s NGPs, enable enhanced electrical conductivity for polymers which can be painted directly by ESP. The method helps reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Angstron’s NGPs can also improve Class-A surface finish by reducing short term waviness due to inter-fiber matrix shrinkage by allowing for the same CTE between macro fibers, while the platelets eliminates sub-surface out gassing and other surface defects and secondary operations in polymer processing.

Because NGPs demonstrate the highest thermal conductivity known today, five times that of copper, the nano graphene material is also being used for next generation Li-Ion battery, fuel cell bipolar plate and supercapacitor electrode applications for the automotive sector.

Other Benefits:

  • Improved thermo-mechanical properties
  • Improved barrier properties
  • Flame retardancy
  • Conductivity similar to copper yet four times lighter

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