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Because NGPs demonstrate the highest thermal conductivity known today, five times that of copper, the nano graphene material is being used for next generation Li-Ion battery, fuel cell bipolar plate and supercapacitor electrode applications.

For supercapacitor electrode applications, the dimensions of NGP-based materials can be tailored to achieve a thickness as low as ~ 0.34 nm and length (width) range of ~ 100 nm to 10 mm. This yields an area of up to 2,600 m2/gm. NGPs can also be functionalized, particularly via surface grafting or polymerization, to achieve pseudo-capacitance induced by redox-like charge transfer.

For Li Ion battery applications, NGPs can serve as a conductive additive for both the anode and cathode. NPGs are also suited to act as a conductive support for Si nano particles, nano coatings or anode active materials providing a dramatically enhanced specific capacity, prolonged cycle life, fast charging rate, and high-current discharge capability.

By incorporating a high loading of NGPs (5%-85% by wt.) into a polymer or carbon matrix, a nanocomposite is produced that carries an exceptionally high electrical conductivity for fuel cell bipolar plate applications as well.

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