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Advanced Graphene Materials and Technology Solutions


Angstron Materials Inc., the world’s largest producer of nano graphene platelets (NGPs) specializes in helping companies engineer graphene solutions with mechanical, electrical and conductive performance advantages. We have the expertise to partner with customers throughout the commercialization process from initial screening to market launch. We use our unique technical field experience and knowledge to help you:

  • Select the optimum materials
  • Functionalize NGPS, then introduce them into your manufacturing process
  • Create graphene-enabled products
  • More then 22,000 square feet of manufacturing space
  • State-of-the-art lab
  • Use manufacturing processes that reduce development costs and time to market


Angstron’s co-founder, Dr. Bor Jang, the inventor of NGPs began studying graphene in 2000 and has over 50 patents related to graphene production and applications including the first patent for single layer graphene in 2002 and the first patent on graphene reinforced metal, glass, carbon and ceramic-matrix composites and single layer graphene-reinforced polymer composites.


Angstron’s nano graphene solutions eliminate the viscosity and dispersion problems associated with processing advanced materials that use carbon nanotubes and fibers.
NGPs vs. Carbon Nanotubes

Other intrinsic properties include:

  • Highest thermal conductivity
  • Exceptional in-plane electrical conductivity
  • Fifty times stronger than steel
  • Ultra-high Young’s modulus
  • Highest intrinsic strength
  • High specific surface area
  • Low density

Why NGPs


Our mission is to become the largest cost effective producer of graphene in world and to provide graphene solutions across a variety of industries and applications. Call us to learn how we can help you harness the advantages of graphene technology.

NGPs Versus Carbon Nanotubes

Why NGPs

NGPs provide a wide range of performance characteristics including:


  • The highest thermal conductivity known today (up to ~ 5,300 W/(mK), five times that of copper, at a density that is four times lower
  • Exceptional in-plane electrical conductivity (up to ~ 20,000 S/cm)


  • Fifty times stronger than steel
  • Ultra-high Young’s modulus (approximately 1,000 GPa) and highest intrinsic strength (~ 130 GPa estimated)

Surface Area

  • High specific surface area (up to ~ 2,675 m2/g) twice that of CNTs


  • Low density (2.25 g/cm3)


  • Available in a wide range of platelet lengths (typically 1-20 μm) and thicknesses (approximately 0.34 nm to 100 nm)
  • Single layer graphene as thin as 0.34 nm

Angstron Materials Exhibits At SEMICON Japan 2013

Angstron Materials will exhibit graphene products and technology advances at SEMICON Japan 2013, on December 4th-6th in Chiba, Japan.  Visit Angstron’s Booth,  V5-001, and see some of the recent advances in graphene applications.   Angstron Materials, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is the world’s largest producer of nano graphene platelets and the only manufacturer able to produce pristine […] MORE >
Angstron Materials is looking to add to its world class workforce with the addition of 4 new positions at their Dayton, Ohio headquarters. These positions, along with application instructions, can be accessed below: Composite Production Technician Product Development Engineer Technical Marketing Engineer Student Internship MORE >
An interview about the current and future business prospects of Angstron Materials has been published online. In it we discuss where graphene will first enter the consumer market and how Angstron Materials is positioning itself as a leader in the graphene industry. The interview can be found here. MORE >
Angstron Materials Inc., took delivery of specialized HVAC and dehumidification equipment early this year to complete new dry rooms in building space adjacent to its manufacturing facility. The dry rooms provide a controlled environment for accelerated development and production of Angstron’s nano graphene anode material for high performance batteries. The dry room capability and added […] MORE >


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