Angstron Materials to be Featured on Discovery Channel


Angstron Materials is very proud to be featured on the show Trending Today on the Discovery Channel. This show, airing Thursday,  January 29 at 7:30 AM EST, will feature interviews with Angstron’s CEO, Dr. Bor Jang along with three other Angstron employees. The segment will touch on select portions of Angstron’s technologies and capabilities. Special emphasis will be placed on the history and background of the company, on graphene based thermal management materials, and on energy storage opportunities for graphene materials. Future featurettes will include segments on graphene nanocomposites and other related topics so check back to learn about these technologies as well!

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About Angstron Materials

Angstron Materials, founded in 2007, is a leading manufacturer of graphene and graphene oxide materials. Having begun producing graphene materials in the late 2000’s, Angstron now has one of the largest graphene and graphene oxide production capacities in the world; approximately 300 metric tons per year.  Along with the mass production of the raw graphene materials, Angstron is dedicated to using their expertise in graphene materials to develop other advanced materials and solutions such as nanocomposite masterbatches, energy storage solutions, thermal management and thermal interface materials, transparent conductive films, and anti-corrosion and barrier coatings and paints. The Angstron team is led by Dr. Bor Jang, a pioneer in advancing the field of nano-graphene platelets. In addition to NGPs, Dr. Jang is a leading expert in the research and development of low-cost carbon nanomaterials, batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells with nearly 100 inventions to his credit and close to 90 patents.

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We are always interested in new and exciting uses for our graphene materials. With graphene’s high thermal and electrical conductivity, its inherent impermeability to gases, its mechanical properties, and its ability to be incorporated into other materials, there are a huge number of applications for this material. With hundreds of customers in over 35 countries, we, at Angstron, are dedicated to helping our customers utilize graphene in their application and to bringing graphene and graphene-enhanced products into commercial and industrial applications.

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Nanotek Instruments is Hiring

Angstron Material’s sister company, Nanotek Instruments, Inc., is seeking applicants to fill two new positions on their Energy Storage development team. These positions, one for a Lead Battery Scientist and one for a Battery Technician, will work at their Dayton, Ohio location and will be intricately involved in the development, evaluation, and commercialization of Nanotek’s products and technologies. The technologies often utilize Angstron’s graphene materials in devices such as advanced lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors. The ideal candidates will be able to work in a fast-paced environment with novel materials and high-tech applications. With projects ranging from early-stage research to commercialization of advanced products, the positions will offer the right candidates the opportunity to carry projects from inception to fruition.

For more information, including qualifications and application instructions, please see the following links:

Lead Battery Scientist

Battery Technician

Graphene Loaded Nanocomposites To Be Offered By Angstron Materials


Starting November, 2014, Angstron Materials, Inc., a leading graphene manufacturer, is very pleased to be able to offer masterbatches of graphene enhanced polymers for a wide range of applications. Graphene loaded nanocomposites are able to offer superior mechanical properties, enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity, improved dimensional stability, higher resistance to micro-cracking, and increased barrier properties above the base polymer. Furthermore, through Angstron’s extensive knowledge in graphene enhanced systems, we are able to identify the optimal graphene enhanced formulation to achieve the end users requirements.  Angstron can provide the graphene masterbatch material in a pellet form or as a strand for use in FDM 3-D printing.

While graphene has been known to offer significant performance improvements to many polymer systems, many end users do not have the expertise or equipment necessary to properly disperse the graphene into polymer systems. Angstron has at its disposal, a team of composite scientists and engineers with close to 100 years of combined experience in composite formulation, manufacturing, and application. This experience pairs perfectly with the world class team of researchers, engineers, and technicians dedicated to producing, optimizing, and utilizing Angstron’s graphene materials in a wide range of applications. Using in-house compounding equipment, Angstron is able to masterbatch material to order in a timely manner. Furthermore, through our composite industry contacts, we are able to rapidly scale up nanocomposite compounding to meet industrial demand.

Angstron Materials continues to develop and roll out new graphene and graphene enhanced products. Already a world leader in the large scale production of graphene, Angstron is dedicated to identifying and addressing real world applications where graphene offers a strategic and economic advantage over traditional solutions. Angstron’s main product thrusts include graphene and graphene oxide mass production, nanocomposite masterbatches, energy storage solutions, thermal management and thermal interface materials, along with anti-corrosion and barrier coatings and paints.

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New Graphene Product Pricing!

NEW GRAPHENE OXIDE PRICING! For the past seven years, Angstron Materials has been dedicated to bringing graphene and graphene oxide into commercial and industrial applications. One of the first stages of this plan was the implementation of large-scale manufacturing to provide a suitable supply for our customers. This scale-up is still progressing with a current production capacity of approximately 300 MT/year. Earlier this year, Angstron Materials also received ISO 9001 certification for its graphene and graphene oxide production processes. This quality system certification exemplifies Angstron’s continued push to provide a high-quality, mass produced product

As a result of our continued effort to bring graphene materials to commercial products, we are very pleased to be able to offer a significant price reduction on our N002-PS and ANG GO Solution-1.0 graphene oxide products. These 0.5 wt% and 1.0 wt% solutions consist of single layer graphene oxide homogeneously dispersed in water. If you have any questions about our products, or are interested in industrial quantities, please don’t hesitate  to contact us.




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Angstron Materials Continues to Expand Globally

Angstron Materials is rapidly expanding our footprint as more and more companies become interested in graphene materials and work to develop new products, or incorporate graphene into their existing products and services. Our diverse customer base is currently integrating Angstron’s graphene into over 100 different applications. We are proud of the work of these customers, located in 40 US states and 35 countries,  and will continue to support the wide scale adoption of graphene in industrial and consumer applications. For questions about our materials or about how graphene can enhance you products, please contact us!


Angstron Materials Has Gone Social!



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Angstron Materials Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Graphene Production

Angstron Materials, the world’s largest producer of graphene materials, has announced that it has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for its full scale graphene production operation.

ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to coordinating quality standards across different industries and countries. ISO 9001:2008 specifically focuses on establishing, implementing, and optimizing a quality system to improve efficiency, through-put, and product quality.  Many large industries require their suppliers to be ISO certified to ensure quality throughout their supply chain. With this ISO 9001 certification, Angstron Materials has taken another step toward providing high-quality, cost-effective graphene for large-scale, commercial applications.

Established in 2007, Angstron Materials boasts a world class team of engineers and scientists dedicated to commercializing graphene enhanced products. With a current production capacity of 300 tons annually, and an anticipated capacity of 1,300 tons annually by the end of 2015, Angstron Materials is utilizing economies of scale and advanced manufacturing techniques to bring graphene into commercial and industrial applications. Along with the raw graphene production capabilities, Angstron is expanding into value-added, graphene enhanced intermediate products. Current production and research thrusts include thermal management materials, energy storage devices, and nanocomposites.

For more information on our graphene production capabilities or our graphene enhanced intermediates, please contact us.

Angstron selected as supplier of graphene for Thermene’s Thermal Paste

Angstron Materials has been selected by Thermene as a supplier of graphene for their 2nd generation thermal pastes! This is a commercially available product that exhibits superior properties at a very attractive price point.

“Thermene went through over two dozen different nanoparticle combination until they reached the final formulation… The company changed their supplier… to Angstron Materials.” Please stay tuned as more applications using Angstron’s graphene come of age and enter the consumer market!

For more information please visit:

Or see Thereme’s website for information on how to purchase the graphene thermal paste:

Angstron Materials is Hiring!

Angstron Materials is looking to add to its world class workforce with the addition of 4 new positions at their Dayton, Ohio headquarters. These positions, along with application instructions, can be accessed below:

Angstron Materials Interview with Editor of Graphene-Info

An interview about the current and future business prospects of Angstron Materials has been published online. In it we discuss where graphene will first enter the consumer market and how Angstron Materials is positioning itself as a leader in the graphene industry.

The interview can be found here.