Breakthroughs In Nano Graphene Technology

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Angstron Materials co-founders Dr. Bor Jang and Dr. Aruna Zhamu are ranked among the top five in the world for their development of intellectual property for graphene. Gridlogics, a patent analytics solutions specialist that publishes Patent iNSIGHT Pro, ranked Dr. Jang and Dr. Zhamu as the #1 and #2 graphene inventors globally.  Filings by Dr. Jang and Dr. Zhamu cover a range of new technologies including new compositions, processes, and applications of both single-layer and multi-layer graphene, collectively referred to as nanographene platelets (NGP).  Angstron Materials continues to develop and patent new and exciting technologies relating to graphene. A brief snapshot of Angstron Materials’ IP portfolio is below:

Angstron/Nanotek Patents

Patent Numbers & Titles

1 8,226,801 Mass production of pristine nano graphene materials

2 8,222,190 Nano graphene-modified lubricant

3 8,216,541 Process for producing dispersible and conductive nano graphene platelets from non-oxidized graphitic materials

4 8,202,669 Electro-catalyst compositions for fuel cells

5 8,158,282 Method of producing prelithiated anodes for secondary lithium ion batteries

6 8,132,746 Low-temperature method of producing nano-scaled graphene platelets and their nanocomposites

7 8,119,288 Hybrid anode compositions for lithium ion batteries

8 8,114,375 Process for producing dispersible nano graphene platelets from oxidized graphite

9 8,114,373 Method of producing nano-scaled graphene and inorganic platelets and their nanocomposites

10 7,999,027 Pristine nano graphene-modified tires

11 7,993,780 Process for producing carbon anode compositions for lithium ion batteries

12 7,948,739 Graphite-carbon composite electrode for supercapacitors

13 7,892,514 Method of producing nano-scaled graphene and inorganic platelets and their nanocomposites

14 7,887,927 Highly conductive, multi-layer composite precursor composition to fuel cell flow field plate or bipolar plate

15 7,875,219 Process for producing nano-scaled graphene platelet nanocomposite electrodes for supercapacitors

16 7,824,651 Method of producing exfoliated graphite, flexible graphite, and nano-scaled graphene platelets

17 7,790,285 Nano-scaled graphene platelets with a high length-to-width aspect ratio

18 7,785,498 Method of producing conducting polymer-transition metal electro-catalyst composition and electrodes for fuel cells

19 7,785,492 Mass production of nano-scaled platelets and products

20 7,758,783 Continious production of exfoliated graphite composite compositions and flow field plates

21 7,745,047 Nano graphene platelet-base composite anode compositions for lithium ion batteries

22 7,662,321 Nano-scaled graphene plate-reinforced composite materials and method of producing same

23 7,623,340 Nano-scaled graphene plate nanocomposites for supercapacitor electrodes

24 7,566,410 Highly conductive nano-scaled graphene plate nanocomposites

25 7,186,474 Nanocomposite compositions for hydrogen storage and methods for supplying hydrogen to fuel cells

26 7,071,258 Nano-scaled graphene plates